About us

nSilition is a leading analog and mixed-signal ASICs/SoCs and semiconductor IP provider. nSilition specializes in the development of industrial quality circuits, with expertise in mixed-signal, high-speed and/or low power analog and full-custom digital circuitry. nSilition's circuits employ various specific enhancements to improve power efficiency, yield and reliability. The semiconductor IPs are available as ready-to-use design kits for most popular silicon technologies. nSilition's IC and IP design service offers top quality design, customization and support dedicated to your needs and your specifications. The design team of nSilition has many years of hands-on industrial level design experience on various Analog and Mixed-Signal SoCs electronic systems, as well as their characterization and qualification for production. We will support you through the whole integration and product validation phase of the IC or IP. nSilition services several main customers active in applications area like wireline and wireless communication, industrial, automotive, medical and aerospace.

Why nSilition

Our commitment to quality and innovation

We want to be good. More than that! We want smaller, smarter, stronger ICs for your application. We want optimal performances, we want lowest power consumption. We want lowest cost and we want fast time to market. Our priority is first silicon success and happy customers.

Our expertise

nSilition is proven leader in analog and mixed-signal IP and IC development. nSilition has key design expertise in analog to digital conversion, high-speed data transmission and ultra-low-power applications. nSilition brings proven expertise and superior cores and IP using world-class technology. With nSilition, you work with certainty, you work smarter. We are proud of our talented team and our network of partners that allow us to reach our commitment.

Our customer orientation

nSilition has a strong customer-orientation, serving customers worldwide with a large range of services, support and customization. nSilition does not want to be a vendor, nSilition wants to be your partner. We do not want to work for you, we want to closely work with you. The best we know you and your work process, the best the results will be. nSilition understands that customization of the IP to a target application, foundry and node is a must have and we include it in our offering.

Our portfolio

nSilition is proud of its IP portfolio. From 0.18µm to 28nm, it covers a large range of applications and leading foundries. With reference designs available for high-speed IOs cells, A/D and D/A converters up to 16b, advanced clock generators and PLLs, SerDes, PFM and PWM high efficiency DC/DC integrated converters and high precision bandgap references, nSilition enables the highest value analog and mixed-signal functionalities at the lowest risk. For industrial, medical, automotive, defense, transport, spatial & avionic, nuclear, mobile or power management applications, nSilition can provide you with silicon proven cores. Most importantly, nSilition invests in R&D in order to ensure the readiness of optimized IPs according to your development roadmap.

Partners & alliances

nSilition is a team. A team of experts in their fields of activity, from design to production. nSilition has an established industrial network of foundries, test and package suppliers, capable of delivering high-performing, reliable and cost-effective solutions. nSilition has an ambitious agenda: be first time right, provide high quality products and have 100% customer satisfaction rate. To reach these goals, we are seeking capable partners from around the world. Our services heavily depend upon our relationships with our partners. We know they are critical in the process of satisfying our customers so we chose them wisely in order to ensure quality.

Quality Policy

All employees of nSilition are responsible for ensuring the excellence of their contribution to the development of IC products and to the execution of services. Innovations, flexibility and continuous improvement of nSilition's processes, methods and guidelines are fundamental for achieving best performance and high reliability.