Design of two accelerometer chips and a power management chip

For a main leader company that designs and builds electrical systems for the aerospace, defence, transportation and security markets.

On XFAB 0.35um technology with HV option, two chip variants with

  • Test structure for DAC and ADC
  • Special low noise amplifiers
  • Special tests on capacitors
  • Test of a specific foundry-provided IP

A 29mm² die with more than 100 I/Os.

On XFAB 0.18um technology with HV option, a power management chip with

  • Bandgap and analog comparators
  • ADCs and DACs
  • Power switches & various protections
  • Digital control


  • Design / layout progress reviews and reports;
  • Milestone review meetings;
  • Design / layout of all the blocks (including the IO ring);
  • Increased radiation tolerance by specific design techniques;
  • Top level design, mixed-mode simulations;
  • Tape-out;
  • Characterization vs Radiations;
  • From 2 to 4 highly skilled IC designers.